Saturday, February 9, 2013

Culinary Agents Made Simple

I couldn't be more proud of my girl Alice for spearheading her brandy-new company: Culinary Agents. Culinary Agents is a social buiness network designed for the food & beverage industry. Profiles are free (that's right people - FREE!) They make it easier for the food and beverage industry to find qualified talent while also giving the industry talent new opportunities to shine.

You may think I'm not in F&B  so this doesn't apply to me - but it does. There are so many job opportunities that touch this industry it's really endless.  Think beyond the traditonal front of the house & back of the house position like event planning, photography, selling retail cooking items, & more.  Sign up for an account today, it's free & you never know who you may meet.

In this age of social media you probably think something like Culinary Agents already exists because it's the obvious solution. Before Alice it didn't but thanks to Alice & her team it does now! Watch this video for the rundown.

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