Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tips From a Culinary Agent: Alice

Every single person in my life inspires me in some way. Alice sits high on the list of my inspirational friends.  She knows a thing or two (million) about hospitality & yummy eats.  A couple weeks back when a bunch of us girls gathered at her apt for dinner I couldn't help but snap photos of literally every little  detail that Alice had put into the evening.  Definitely start your dinner party like Alice did (in the photo above) with briny olives, nutty cheeses, fruity olive oils & fresh bread.

Get more tips a la Alice for serving up some snacks for a tasty kickoff to a dinner party after the jump!

Serve olive oils from different Italian regions. Your guest will love tasting the difference between them.

Label your olive oils with a simple post-it placed underneath a small glass bowl.

The tiniest details can be the biggest conversation pieces. Just look how miniature these little salt bowls are & the spoon to boot!

Save those special napkins from your birthday party & use them for a more intimate setting.

Re-purpose your glass candle jar as a vase & fill it with fresh flowers or herbs from the farmers market.

Accessorize wine glasses with these cute gummies to tell whose glass belongs to who.

Most importantly, take time to enjoy your company.

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