My name is Heather O'Hara and I make things. Constantly. I don't do it on purpose it just happens. OK part of it is my job and then other part is just a lot of fun.

It starts from the minute I wake up - I have to make things. sometimes it's a funky outfit or some sort of whimsical updo or making my own latte or sometimes I just make a big ol' mess.  Then I head to work and do creative things as the art director of a quirky beauty brand that specializes in hair removal with nyc based salons plus a growing line of products.

You'd think I'd shut off when I get home but I'm just getting started. Once I'm home I usually start making dinner.   Sometimes I whip up my own homemade pasta (yes I mean the actual noodles) for dinner (naturally with homemade sauce and sometimes ricotta cheese - yeah I've actually made cheese) - why? because honestly it tastes better and my hubby loves it!

So you see I make things. I like to make things. I get some kind of great life fulfilling satisfaction out of making things.  Since I can't blog while I'm making - I will have to blog about them in the past, hence I give you Heather O Made.

Thanks for joining me on my journey!
Heather O'Hara


  1. i want home made ricotta cheese!!!!

  2. sounds like i know what to make you & your baby bump for dinner :)

  3. Just stumbled upon your adorable blog and I love it! Im also a wife and identical twin...who also loves to make things. I just need to start moving forward with my projects...I always get distracted. Ill be following your blog :)


    1. Jules! How awesome! Love "meeting" other twins especially identical ones. Love your blog - I'll definitely be checking it on the regular. Thanks for your sweet comment!