Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Coco Luxe Organic Coconut Oil in a Tube!

It’s no secret that I love coconut oil. I use it mainly as a moisturizer since it’s the only thing I’ve really found that doesn’t leave my skin itchy, red or bumpy especially after shaving. I’ve also used it for oil pulling, taking off my eye makeup & cooking. One of the best things about coconut oil is that it’s pretty easy to find - you can pick it up at your local grocery store & even score some quality organic stuff for reasonable prices.

The one downside to coconut oil for those of us using it for non-cooking/eating related purposes is that it comes usually in a glass jar or a big tub. Albeit I usually keep both types in my shower (yes, having glass in my shower - for me- is super dangerous since I’m pretty clumsy & also pretty lazy with screwing the top back on allowing water to get into my oil - which does not mix well.) This jar/tub issue was a problem until Coco Luxe Organic sent me their organic coconut oil IN A TUBE!  This is a game changer for all of us that want to travel with coconut oil (it's TSA friendly & ready to go!) or are clumsy/lazy with jar/tub maintenance.

To refresh your memory, coconut oil is solid below 65 degrees which gives it more of a buttery consistency. To use this tube of goodness simply store it above 70 degrees for immediate use. If it is solid (because the temps dropped overnight or you keep your AC on super low) simply run the tube under hot tap water until soft. I like to keep mine in the shower & since I take hot showers it is soft enough to squeeze out & moisturize by the time I’m squeaky clean. Then I smooth it on over my damp skin which is when I feel is the best way for it to absorb. It absorbs pretty quickly so you can go about your dressing routine. If you're concerned that some of the residual oil will get on your clothes simply towel it off - the good stuff will have already been absorbed. If you find that the oil in the tube is too liquidy stick it in your fridge (or ice bucket if you’re at a hotel) or under cold running water until it reaches your desired consistency.

One extra bonus to using this magic in a tube - I use/waste less of it. Typically when I scoop coconut oil out of the jar at least one scoop lands on the shower floor. With this tube I have more control & less waste. Win. Win.

If you’re still on the fence about adding coconut oil to your beauty regimen the team at Coco Luxe suggests you use it for:

Friday, October 23, 2015

Kugel (Noodle Pudding)

I didn’t grow up eating kugel & I’ve really only had it a handful of times but I like it. Kugel or noodle pudding is baked like a casserole full of decadent dairy & egg noodles that’s more on the sweet rather than the savory side (sometimes it can be really really sweet!). My co-worker Lisa generously shared her family recipe with me so that I could try my hand at this rich dish. It is the perfect recipe because it wasn’t super sweet & I really liked the crispy cornflake topping (that I added a little extra vanilla  because I love vanilla). Lisa & her family typically eat this before or after a fast & then for breakfast & every meal in between following.

I took my giant casserole dish to work & we ate it for breakfast! When do you eat kugel? Do you put anything different in yours?

Keep reading to get the recipe for Lisa's Kugel. It makes a ton so invite your friends & family & eat up!

P.S. Thanks for the recipe Lisa!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Fluffy Sunday Morning Pancakes

As soon as the mercury dips I deem it as the best excuse to eat lots & lots of fluffy pancakes. We have to prepare for winter hibernation after all. I’ve posted about the ways that I achieve fluffy pancakes here & have written about delicious pumpkin pancakes here. However, it’s dawned on me that I’ve never given you my basic & perfect sunday morning fluffy pancake recipe even though I’ve been known to spam your instagram feeds with my stacks of pancakes on any given sunday morning.

Today is the day I’ve giving it to you here on the blog! I look forward to seeing your fluffy stacks so be sure to tag me (@mrshoh or #heatheromade) so I can peep your work.

Disclaimer: Yes, these pancakes will take longer to prepare than just adding water to a mix but they will taste that much better. They are made with simple & very real ingredients that you can find at any grocery store &/or probably already have on hand.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday Annie!

It's tough to believe that it's been a year since this beautiful face came into this world - but she did & Annie is 1! She's been bringing smiles to faces & stealing hearts since day 1. She's even walking already, clearly a genius.

I'm so lucky to be her auntie. These are some snaps from her first birthday party this weekend that was filled with laughs, food, everything Minnie Mouse (including a custom cake - scroll down to check out that confection) & family (including tons of COUSINS)!

Happy Birthday Annie! I love you!