Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Claire!

 Yep, this little beauty turns one year old today.  (Remember how little she was in these photos?!) She was born right after Sandy hit & was that little bit (or more like A LOT ) of sunshine we all needed & now don't know how we lived without.

Looking at her smiling face reminds me that perspective is everything. I'm so grateful for this little face & the smiles we share because no matter the weather or where I am, I will always have my memories of watching Claire grow up.  

Happy Birthday Claire! I love you!

PS: In the spirit of perspective, here's a great short film worth watching featuring my high school classmate & friend (that I posted about here).  Tim really offers a moving perspective on life. It's definitely worth a watch - so go watch it!


  1. The best birthday gift for Sweet Claire!
    love, Grandma

  2. This is the sweetest! Claire is so lucky to have such a fun and thoughtful Auntie. We LOVE you!

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