Friday, May 3, 2013

Simple Cheese Plate at Home

diy cheese plate

I live on cheese, olives & wine.  It might be one of my favorite ways to spend the happy hours of the day.  Cheese plates seem so chi-chi but really they are incredibly easy to whip up & enjoy.  I put this cheese plate together while we were waiting for our dinner to finish cooking. I think the best way to make a good cheese plate is to combine salty with sweet with a variety of textures. I love olives, but Chris does not, so for my salty element I used some garlicky dill pickles.  I used two cheeses, one hard (parmesan that I shaved with a veggie peeler) and one soft (goat cheese that I cut into crumbly rounds).  My sweet element was fresh clementine segments.  I always love something I can spread so I used the last of the spinach & kale pesto that I had made.  A delicious vehicle for this spread is just as important. Lucky for me there's a bakery around the corner. Even luckier for me, I have a husband who was willing to grab some fresh bread.  Cheese plates are of course delicious with wine.  I know there's a whole sommelier science behind it but I say, drink what you like in good company & if the weather permits - enjoy it all outside.

Happy weekend y'all ;)


  1. I was just thinking today about how darn much I love olives. Add some cheese and wine and I am a happy camper!

    1. yes! i'm still trying to convince my husband that he'll like olives. until he does i'll just eat more of them :)