Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Orange You Glad It's Not A Black Outfit

dress (urban outfitters, a splurge version here, comfy version here), top (anthro), belt (anthro, cute one here), earrings (anthro), shoes (dolce vita, a fun pair I wouldn't say no to  here)
The majority of my life is spent in NYC, working, where black is the easiest go-to when it comes to getting dressed but I like color (obviously).

I've had this trapeze shirt dress for a while now.  I have it in red too. It's super versatile. It has pockets. It's the right amount of structured plus relaxed. It that blue color I obsess over on a daily basis. I love it.

I usually belt it but lately I have been into light layers.  This bright blue & orange are two of my favorite colors so it was only fitting that I pair them together.

Since I live in Hoboken (a whopping 3 miles from the big apple) I have to walk a bit for my commute so comfy & walkable shoes are a must.  These sandals straddle cuteness & comfort perfectly.

What are you wearing to work these days?


  1. These are great sandals. I've got a similar pair - they go with everything and are super comfy.

    And you're right - all I see is black & neutrals in NYC. While it's *great* (don't get me wrong), sometimes a bit of color is much needed amidst the gray sidewalks and black asphalt!

    1. thanks for your comment E! i love hearing from you. are you in the nyc area too?