Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Digit Rings

digit rings, knuckle rings, like catbird, zoya nail polish
polish: yana by zoya; rings (from left to right): one star ring by Kriya; little midi ring by Kriya; hammered silver ring by Andrea Bonelli

I think it's only fitting that I blog about rings today. One of my best gals just got engaged and got some some gorgeous finger candy to boot (congrats Alice! Can't wait to celebrate!). Also in less than a month's time one of my first friends & life long best friends, my cousin will be tying the knot.  (My) wedding season is just about to begin and I'm pretty excited about it.

I'm also excited by these mini digit rings.  They are my new favorites (aside from my engagement ring and wedding band of course). Digit rings are a growing trend or at least in my world they are. My sister bought two beauties at CatBird in Brooklyn.  I immediately loved her shiny rose gold finger bling and needed my own (yes needed). I didn't have any planned trips to Brooklyn in the near future (or the budget for identical rings to my twin) so I hit the next best place, Etsy.  I'd been wearing my thin hammered band on my right ring finger regularly and though some digit rings would pair nicely with it.  I found this one and this one  at Kriya's Etsy store. Besides being just what I was looking for these little beauties were only $10 each!
digit rings, knuckle rings, like catbird, zoya nail polish

PS: My Zoya manicure is 4 days old - not too shabby if you ask me.

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