Thursday, September 13, 2012

Polka Dot Confection Perfection

dress: Anthropologie; shoes: Ann Taylor

Any dress that can make you feel like Marilyn when the wind blows is a keeper in my book.  That's why I've decided to keep this dress that my sister lent me (ha ha just kidding, well not really, tee hee I'll give it back I promise).  I wore this sweet little confection of a dress to Marie's baby shower.  It's the perfect amount of lady who lunches with enough fun details (& a plunging neckline) that it doesn't make it stuffy. I kept the accessories to a minimum & let the dots do the talking.

Thanks for the dress Penny :)


  1. beware of unexpected marilynning :)
    glad you enjoyed the dress, i can't quite give it up, but we can share. xo