Friday, June 8, 2012

Daily Opportunity To Have a Good Time

I have loved lucky magazine ever since it came out (thanks to Amanda!). It's the one magazine I have faithfully subscribed to.  The method of how I read it has become a ritual. First, I leaf through the whole thing to get an idea of what is in store. Then the next day (or if I have a whole nowhere-to-be-but-on-my-couch-night) I dive in deeper & read every page, not always in order but EVERY PAGE.  The final page of the July issue had this quote in it that just spoke to me so I had to share it.  I love getting dressed in the morning - I think it's so much fun, sure I have fat days and days when I hate everything in my closet. Some days are a hit & others are a miss but for the most part I probably have too much fun getting dressed each day.  

I loved this outfit that I wore a couple weeks ago.  It was a hit. I just felt good in it & it made me want to jump around (again). This little white shift has been in my closet for years. It's a little cotton organic piece that just works on every day (similar here). This blazer & these sandals have become staples in my spring wardrobe.  The necklace I get tons of questions & compliments on was under $15 at Target! And this lip color just makes me smile.

Cheers to your daily opportunity to have a good time (oh & summer fridays at my office!). Happy weekend y'all!


  1. You look very beautiful in turquoise. I feel the same way about getting dressed each day.

    1. thanks kathleen! it's one of my favorite colors! have a great weekend & thanks for reading :)