Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A DIY Duble Duty Table Runner

For a fun dinner this weekend I served up shrimp and chicken tacos with a big spread of salsas, cheeses, avocado and hot sauces. Our urban living doesn't allow for us to keep lots of table linens but I thought ours needed something - that something was a parchment paper table runner.

This table runner served double duties as a catchall for food that dropped and as a way to label the food in a cute way.

Make your own table runner:
  1. Cut a  piece of parchment paper long enough to cover your table lengthwise.  Leave enough to wrap around the underneath of the table.  
  2. Tape the paper underneath each end of the table holding it taut
  3. Finished by adding a center piece.  
  4. Serve your food in colorful bowls or dishes and label your spread with a pencil right on the paper. 
tip: Use pencil on parchment paper anything else will smear (yes, even sharpie).