Monday, March 26, 2012

An Easy Spring Bouquet

easy spring bouquet
can you guess what types of flowers these are? mouse over to see if you're right!
This weekend Chris and I spent some quality time with some of our family at a small dinner party at our apartment. I whipped up this easy sprint bouquet to bring some fresh cheer to our table with some fresh flowers from Trader Joes and tape! Learn the easy steps to make your own after the jump!

Things you'll need:
  • Fresh flowers (I chose white ronculus and gerber daisies)
  • Clear tape
  • 1 glass vase (or bowl or a clean mason jar)
Make it!
  1. Trim your flowers to the height you want (slightly taller than the height of the vase worked for me).
  2. Create a grid across the top of your vase with clear tape.
  3. Insert flowers one at a time into the spaces of the grid.
  4. Add water, et voila a pretty spring bouquet is that easy!

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