Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall Shoe Trend: Silver Oxfords

1. Forever 21 Sleek Pointed Oxfords | 2. French Connection Giovanna | 3. Y's by Yohji Yamamoto
4. DV BY DOLCE VITA Pepita Oxfords | 5. Mia Eleanor Oxford
Shoes make the outfit. Or at least that’s what my Grandma says & I’m sticking to it. I like to think of my shoe collection as not an addiction (it totally is & I should probably go to meetings) but as a tradition. My Grandmother loves shoes & has instilled this in me. We still discuss shoes at least once at every visit. Thanks Grandma for teaching me the way.

Most times, I don’t pay attention to what’s trending - I honestly just pick what I like & then I find out it’s trending. I like what I like, what can I say. So when I saw these silver oxfords I couldn’t stop thinking about them. I didn’t buy them when I first saw them & then it became a mission to find them in my size. I ended up buying them at DSW where they so graciously had them shipped from another store to my home because they didn’t have my size in stock. My grandmother also instilled the thrill of the hunt for a good deal in me so you can imagine the high I felt when I found these shoes in my size at a DSW price. I hope I made Grandma proud.

In case you want to find your own pair of silver oxfords for this fall season (which you really should - they go with everything!) I found some at all different price points. Grab the links in the photo caption.

Will you be wearing silver oxfords this season? If so, which ones would you pick?

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