Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Better Home Cooking Basics: #12 Grate Your Own Nutmeg

better home cooking basics. grate your own nutmeg.

A few (plus!) years ago, Chris & I went to Jamaica to see his buddy marry a fabulous gal (who just so happens to have some great ideas of fresh veggie recipes & living a clean life - read more at the thefreshequation.com). The wedding, scenery & food was to die for. One thing I kept seeing in all the little gift shops (especially at the airport) was a little nutmeg nut & a grater. Jamaican’s use nutmeg in their cooking (until then I only thought of it as a spice my mom put in her banana bread) & they grate their own. I immediately purchased a couple nutmeg/grater kits for my mom & my sister.  When I got home I realized I didn’t buy myself one. Luckily I found some whole nutmeg at the grocery store & I had a microplane at home. Since then I have only grated my nutmeg on a on-demand basis. The thing about nutmeg is you only need a little bit at a time (or else I find it gets too bitter). So I just grate as I need it - a pinch here & there. By using the whole nutmeg this way it last longer & tastes fresher. Whole nutmeg is definitely easier to put back in the jar if you spill it on the counter by accident.

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