Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Spring Beauty Must Haves

The warmer months mean more skin & open toed shoes.  These are my top three spring beauty must haves (besides my new favorite deodorant of course).

  1. Organic Coconut Oil has anti-microbial, anti-fungal & anti-bacterial properties that make it a great skin conditioner especially when you're baring more skin in this hot weather we've been having.  So many of those trendy beauty oils now have coconut oil as one of their main ingredients & they offer it in a tiny vial for beaucoup when you can pick up a 14 oz jar in your grocery store for less then ten bucks.  I keep a jar of this in my shower & use it as a shaving oil, eye makeup remover, moisturizer & zit zapper. It also smells like coconuts - which is heavenly in my book.
  2. Zoya Nail Polish is free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) & camphor  or in other words the really bad stuff that can be found in a lot of nail polishes.  Zoya has tons of gorgeous colors. I'm currently sporting this pretty coral color, Kara, on my toes. Oh & if I couldn't love it more it's really really long-lasting.
  3. Lily Organics Skin Care Seaweed Balancing Facial Cleanser - I'll be honest I'd never heard of this stuff but I'm so glad that the sweet folks at Lily reached out & brought it to my attention.  This facial cleanser like all of Lily products uses organically grown ingredients from their certified organic farm with USDA certified organic manufacturing methods.  They've been pioneering organic skin care in Colorado since 1986 - can you believe it's taken me this long to find them… or for them to find me! This cleanser balances &  nourishes skin with seaweed & essential oils which is ideal for my combination skin that's prone to breakouts. The antibacterial properties of tea tree oil & rosemary are ideal for combating acne.  It's super gentle & leaves skin feeling clean & never dry like some acne fighting formulas can.

What products are you obsessing over lately? I love more recommendations.

PS: Happy Birthday to my fabulously gorgeous friend Ashley! Hope this is the best year yet! xx

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