Thursday, May 16, 2013

Truly's Natural Deodorant: Good Enough to Eat

If you are within an earshot of a tv, radio, computer or smart phone you've probably heard the latest news on Angelina Jolie's decision to undergo a preventative double mastectomy.  This procedure reduced her risk from getting breast cancer from 87% to 5%.

I will now climb up on my proverbial soap box because this is my blog/soap box. Cancer is caused by all sorts of factors these days or at least it seems like it to me.  There are some easy things we - yes you & me - can do to prevent it.   It starts with paying as much attention to what we put ON our body as to what we put IN our bodies.

I've posted about safe products before & how I try my best to use only  good-for-me products. But I'm not perfect, sometimes I have to err on the side of what works instead of what's most natural.  This was true when looking for natural deodorant. Many deodorants on the shelf today contain aluminum which is linked to cancer. The deodorant & antiperspirant world has us believing that rubbing aluminum based formulas on our 'pits is the only way to stay clean, dry & stink-free.  Who cares if aluminum is linked to cancer if I'm not sweating or smelly? Me! That's who!  Hence why the idea of rubbing a cancer causing agent on my armpit close to my breasts just doesn't sit well with me. 

The good news is there is a deodorant god, her name is Truly. Truly's Natural Deodorant is the answer to my natural deodorant prayers. I'm an totally convinced & converted. I think this product is so nice that I blogged about it twice (read my other post here).

Truly's Natural Deodorant is made with just four ingredients: organic coconut oil, powdered sugar (sugar, cornstarch), baking soda, beeswax.  I have cooked with, ingested and digested all of these ingredients & I can say this without fear of what may happen to me because they're all completely natural & safe.

Not convinced yet? Here's some other reasons you'll love Truly's Natural Deodorant:
  1. It smells delicious. It smells like cookies - yes cookies but it doesn't leave you smelling like your deodorant - you know what I mean if you've ever rubbed one of those deodorant solids on that come in a blue tube on your 'pits.
  2. It's long-lasting. Just rub a small amount on clean pits in the morning & you're good for the day.
  3. It's small enough to stash in your purse & TSA friendly to bring on that tropical vacation.
I'm so happy that this is now part of my daily routine.  If you'd like to opt out of preventative surgeries (like me!) make this simple change today & use an aluminum-free deodorant. You can get Truly's Natural Deodorant online or if you're in NYC (& soon DC) you can pick it up at any Shobha Location.

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