Friday, March 1, 2013

Link Love: Mind, Body & Sole

heatheromade. pugly pixel. bexlife, vintage-traffic.

I find daily inspiration from everything around me. I love finding new blogs & following them.  Today I thought I'd shed some light & love on some online inspiration.

  1. Pugly Pixel makes dorking out about graphic design, css (that's nerd speak for making websites pretty) & fun photos of food more sassy than dorky. I highly recommend checking this site out. She has great tutorials that break down Photoshop making it easy even if you've never used it before.  My brain always feels a little larger after learning something new from this blog. Head over to Pugly Pixel & feed your brain today.
  2. -Wow is the first word that comes to mind. This mother of four (I know I can hardly believe it - do you see that body!!!) breaks down everything about her life from her yoga practice to life on a farm to her adorable baby girl, Summer. I would say she is too good to be true but I've had the pleasure of meeting Bex (it helps to have a fancy sister who knows some of the most interesting people) & she's just about as real as they come. Love her. One of my fave parts of her site is her four minute meditations - four minutes I can do & if you want, you can try it too.
  3. Vintage-Traffic is a new blog to me. I'm not sure how I just stumbled upon or rather how I've been missing it for this long but it's a keeper in my roster of daily blogs to read. I love shiny objects & Vintage-Traffic offers just that especially with her photos of fancy feet shoes. she feeds my 'sole' even if I'm just living vicariously through her fabulous photos. Check'em out here.

What are your favorite blogs? I love finding new ones. Please share below!

Happy weekend & first official day of March everyone! Thanks for reading ;)

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