Monday, November 5, 2012

A Sign of Hope

photo by Matt Brennan

I'll be completely honest, growing up in the North East meant that hurricanes were things that happened to people on tv with sweet southern accents & dewy faces.  They hit the North East every ten years or never as far as my memory serves me. They become much more real when they are in your own backyard. 

Chris & I are fortunate enough to still have the roof over our heads we had last week & a supportive family that  has bent over backwards for us to make sure we got home in one piece (thank you John & Jerome) & gave us a roof, food, heat & electricity when we returned from Charlotte (thank you Jennifer & Andrew).

The pictures in the news are surreal, they still are each day.  As my eyes searched through my Facebook feed to see if everyone was a-ok I came across the messages about the Brennan family who we grew up with & who now lived in Breezy Point, NY.  As you probably already have heard/read/seen as to add insult to injury there was a massive fire during super storm Sandy that left Breezy Point, NY in cinders.  Luckily, the Brennan family is ok & survived the storm. Their house & belongings did not. 

Then, the photo above showed up on my feed.  It looked like an engagement ring that was found among the ashes.  It was!  What I read next was that this was the engagement ring that Matt Brennan recovered after the flood & fire for his mom that she & Tim Brennan could not find before evacuating.  The story gave me goosebumps & filled me with hope. 

I hope those out there suffering can find some peace through this story of hope.  God bless the families of Breezy Point, NY.

Please help if you can.

Donate to the Red Cross online or by texting 90999.

Or donate to the Rockaway and Breezy Point Relief by mail.
St. Francis De Sales Church

129-16 Rockaway Beach Blvd.

Belle Harbor, NY 11694

ITEMS NEEDED: Batteries (especially C and D); Shovels; Gloves; Brooms; Bleach; Cleaning Supplies; Contractor Trash Bags; Wheel Barrows; Flashlights; Generators; Gas (we can dream); Pumps; Socks; Boots; & Winter Coats are all needed urgently!!!

Any small donation or act of kindness can go along way.

Find more ways you can help here.

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