Tuesday, October 30, 2012

(Far From) Home Remedy

We've been fortunate enough to take refuge from Sandy at a nearby hotel, rather than camping out at the airport until we're able to fly out. can not wait to get home. We're anxious to see how our home and car fared though the storm.

To make matters more fun I've developed a body aching cold with a sore throat to boot.  Since my craftiness has been limited this week I was able to whip up what I cold of a home remedy that my mom taught me when I was younger to kill a sore throat - a salt water gargle.

Today at breakfast, I grabbed some salt packets & dumped them into a glass of hot water. I gargled with this salt water in hopes to nip this sore throat in the bud. The jury is still out.

What remedies do you use at home or away?

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