Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Better Home Cooking Basics: #48 Make your Lettuce Last Longer in a Container with a Paper Towel.

Every week I buy a large container of organic baby lettuces. On a good week I’ll finish the whole package spread out between meals. On a bad week I’ll scrunch up my nose & throw away my greens (& hard earned cash with it) because the tender baby lettuce leaves have wilted & worse have become mushy & have started to ooze some weird liquid that forms a nice sludge at the bottom of the container.

To counter this “bad week” senario, I simply place enough dry paper towel to cover the top of the container & leaves. I return the top securely on the container &  store it in my fridge. My grandma does this so now I do this. Keep in mind these greens won’t last forever but maybe a little longer with this tip. (The Kitchn thinks so too!)

How do you store your lettuce?

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  1. What a great tip! I tend to waste a lot of produce on occasion, but most time I don't! :)

    1. :) i try my best not to waste it too! i try to remind myself that the healthiest stuff spoils fastest so I try to eat it accordingly.