Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Better Home Cooking Basics: #39 Choose Eggplants that are Firm & have Fresh Green Stems.

Chris & I spent a glorious week in the NY Finger Lakes last week. On our sad (sad because the end of vacation is always sad) trek home we stopped at this uber farmers market to pick up some local produce for Chris' parents & ourselves. Eggplant was one of the veggies we scored. We got to talking about eggplants with our family & realized that besides that we like to eat them we didn't really know a lot about them. So I took to the innerwebs to find this super basic tip on how to pick the best eggplant at the stand: Choose firm, even hard eggplants. You don't want them to be mushy or have any soft spots.  Then look at the stem. If it's fresh & green looking you've found your plant - if not keep searching because those shriveled & dried leaves are not the ones to bring home to mom!

Now that you have your fresh eggplant try this or this recipe!

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