Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thirsty Thursday: Brunch Menu + Wine Pairings

brunch menu and wine pairings for a summer brunch. heatheromade. bottle rush.

It’s really amazing how the right wine/food pairing can make a whole meal taste better. I’ll admit most of the time I stick with wines I like, like Sauvingon Blanc & mild red table wine. I like what I like but I also really like learning about new wines & why they pair well with different foods. 

This is the first (of hopefully many) Thirsty Thursday posts here on Heather O Made that I'll be teaming up with Bottle Rush* to bring you a menu (of recipes) you can make at home & wines you can serve.  Tamara Lover of Bottle Rush will provide the brain power behind knowing which wines will work best.  Tamara is a sommelier (read: she went to grad school for wine & yes you can do that!). She knows her stuff.

This week I chose a brunch menu because I think it’s such a fun meal to invite friends over to have & if the weather permits to sit outside & soak up the sun in the meantime.

Heather O Made Menu:

Bottle Rush's picks:

The reason it would be such a great pairing is the berry notes in the wine are the perfect compliment to the strawberries in the salad and the acidity & minerality in the wine will provide the perfect contrast to the richness of the crepe & potatoes that will refresh your palate so you want to eat & drink more.
The golden honey & apricot notes will pair perfectly with the dark chocolate.   While this wine has sweetness it also has acidity that will provide the perfect balance to the richness of the dessert.
If you want to up the budget on your dessert wine try a dessert wine - like a PX (a sherry that tastes like raisins & figs) or a Sauternes (honey, apricots, golden raisins).
pair fudgey brownies with a late harvest riesling from the fingerlakes. wine food pairings. heatheromade. blottle rush.

*Bottle Rush is a website that will be launching soon that will help you choose high quality wines, paired to your taste & then have them delivered to your door. Yep. Best. Thing. Ever. Stay tuned & like Bottle Rush on Facebook for more updates!

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