Monday, March 24, 2014

New Spring 'Do

spring haircut. textured bob. bangs

Spring started last week (you wouldn’t know it by the weather today & the weather predicted for tomorrow in the North East) so I celebrated with a new ‘do. My sister & I went to Arrojo NYC for their 2-for-1 haircut deal (call for details: 212.242.7786) yesterday. I love my new ‘do a la John Shannon (go to him - he’s awesome!). Most obvious, I got bangs (yes - they’re back) & chopped a few inches. Here’s how it looks styled two ways - (left) straight & neat & (right) wavy & messy. Which do you like best, comment below!

How are you celebrating spring?


  1. Love it both ways!

  2. Replies
    1. thanks dawn - i'll try my best to duplicate what John Shannon did - not sure i have that amount of time or patience. can i just have a live in hairdresser? is that too much to ask?

    2. Heather,

      Love your new haircut!
      The bangs look great and I usually like waves , but
      I am lovin' it straight!

      Love you!

  3. Omg you went to arrojo. I have thought about that forever...remember when I was obsessed w what not to wear? Ha. You look amazing!!!