Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Belt Bags

belt bags
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Two words: belt bag. I know.  I know it looks & sounds a lot like a fanny pack that many of us probably remember wearing in our youth & never wanting to look back. Well I’m looking back & learning from it. Turns out a bag belt is pretty much a great idea. I love cross body bags so that my arms are free & bag belts offer the same thing except you can really work them into an outfit like a belt. 

Picture yourself at a cocktail party with a sassy clutch under your arm a cocktail in one hand & a mini crab cake in your other, all of a sudden the clutch falls the floor. Do you put your drink down or swallow your hors d’oeuvre whole? You probably wish you had a belt bag - I know I would in this scenario so that is why I’ve been perusing the inter webs for the perfect belt bag that looks like a classy belt but has the chicness of a cute clutch.

Would you wear one? Before you answer checkout how cute they actually look, here.

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