Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thanksgiving Appetizers

Clockwise from top left: A Simple Cheese Plate; Apple Parmesan Basil Bites; Whipped Feta Crostini; Simple Mushroom Crostini

My sister & I were talking about how we usually don't eat much the day of Thanksgiving - until we get to "the Thanksgiving" portion of the day.  If you're the same way you probably think the appetizers  (or antipasto at my Grandma's house) portion of the night is key since it might be one of the first things you're eating that day (besides all the tasting while cooking, of course).  These were some of my favorite simple, light appetizers from previous posts that I think would be great for Thanksgiving this year.

What are you making for appetizers?


  1. The whipped feta crostini looks very good. Glad I found HeatherOMade blog. I am looking around at all the great ideas and recipes and cannot wait to try them.


    Rosaana Santos Calambichis, President

  2. I am trying the feta crostini tomorrow! Sounds so good! And I love mushrooms so I may make these for thanksgiving appetizer. I was going to bring my stuffed mushrooms, but these e a nice finger food.

    1. Lex, let me know how it turns out & if you like it! i could eat the feta with a spoon and be happy ;)