Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pouty Product Pick of the Moment: RMS Beauty Lip Shine in Sacred

The last thing I put on before I leave the house is a lip product. Depending on how the mood strikes me it might be as simple as a lip balm or  a super bright pout (like this one or this one).

While perusing the sweet little shop, Shen Beauty, in Brooklyn with my sister I came across RMS Beauty lip shines.  I quickly dabbed some of the lip shine in sacred on my hand & knew it would be coming home with me.

Kristen Arnett, a green beauty makeup artist, introduced this line to my sister (& me!) which means it hits all the bells & whistles that a natural beauty product should have - it's made with completely safe ingredients & it works just like it should - amazingly.

I usually steer away from pots as I just don't like dirty fingers in things but I distinctly remember Kristen boasting about how the coconut oil's* anti-bacterial properties make it safe to use for us germ freaks.

The buildable color goes on smooth. You can use a little or a lot depending how you're feeling.  This color starts off pink but can work it's way to more of a red which I love. I'm even using it on my cheeks too - just apply lightly with your ring finger & blend in for a healthy flush.

Click through to see a snap of how one layer of it looks on my lips.

*As if I couldn't love coconut oil more - it's in here too. I think the stars have definitely aligned for this one.

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