Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Get a Naturally Longer & Thicker Ponytail in Just 2 Minutes

get a longer & thicker ponytail in just 2 minutes!

It's back-to-school time & I'm torn with the idea of getting my hair cut or letting it grow. You know as soon as you cut it you want it long (& vice versa).  I was perusing my favorite hair tutorial channel on youtube, Luxy Hair, when I came across this genius tutorial.  The Luxy Hair gal shows you how to make your ponytail longer & thicker in just 2 minutes with your own hair, no extensions needed.  So I tried it & it worked & had my sister fooled.  This is the conversation* that we had:

sister: Are you wearing your fake hair**?
me: Nope
sister: I mean are you wearing your real fake hair?
me: Nope
sister: HUH? Why is your hair so long?
me: It's this trick I learned (flips her hair up to expose the secret second ponytail)

Yep all you need to make your ponytail look longer is 2 minutes, 2 hair ties & 2 bobby pins. This trick works for gals with fine (or 'small hair' as my sister & I like to refer to our hair) or thick hair - I think it would actually hold the hair of thick haired girls better than just one single rubber band.  Try it & see if you can trick your family!

*I can't remember the conversation verbatim but it was something like that above.
**I did recently purchased some gorgeous hair extensions from Luxy Hair that I wore to my cousin's wedding to bulk up my fishtail braid (but I promise this is all my own hair). 

  1. Gather hair at the crown of your head into a half ponytail & secure with a hair tie.
  2. Gather the rest of your hair into a lower ponytail & secure with a second hair tie. (I like to flip the first ponytail up so that i don't get the end caught in the second ponytail.)
  3. Pull at the top ponytail like you would to tighten it but pull the sides wide.
  4. Secure each side with a bobby pin & fluff the tail.  Voila you've got yourself a longer & thicker ponytail in just minutes!