Friday, September 21, 2012

Pizza at Home

Homemade pizza is quick & delicious as well as a staple in the repertoire of dinners at our house.  We always through some fresh pizza dough in our cart when doing our weekly grocery shopping.  Last night I used our pizza stone which is best on the grill in my opinion - but we were out of propane - so to the oven i went!

This time I cut a piece of parchment paper to line my pizza stone with  hopes of not cleaning it. (Note: I still had to clean it.) If you don't have a pizza stone I read somewhere that you can use an inverted baking sheet - who knew!  Since I'm never convinced the dough gets cooked enough (as it does on the grill) I opted to cook my crust twice. First, with just some olive oil, oregano, salt, pepper & fresh garlic. Then, I cooked it once more after I topped it with sauce, baby portobello mushrooms & mozzarella cheese. It was still delish sans the grill.

What are your favorite toppings for homemade pizza?

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend. xo

(Check out more pizza making pics after jump!)


  1. I love basil, fresh mozzarella and linguisa (homemade by a friends mom & aunts) simple, yummy and filling.

    This makes me crave some grilled pizza!


    1. Ahh fresh basil - that's what this pizza needed. Yum!
      Thanks for reading, Natalie!