Friday, July 6, 2012

Dairy-Free Chocolate Ice Cream

Chris loves chocolate ice cream. One night when I made these cakes I realized I didn't have any ice cream at all, but I did have frozen bananas & cocoa powder. Problem solved. I freeze my bananas right before they call to the fruit flies, that's right when they're nearly all black - that just means they're super sweet, I break them up & freeze them in food storage bags.  Then I add them to smoothies or make this dairy-free chocolate ice cream out of them by simply blending the frozen bananas with a tablespoon of cocoa powder together. Et voila, you've got a cold creamy chocolatey ice cream like treat. If you're feeling frisky add some peanut butter & thank me later.

This is a great option for vegans & those who suffer from dairy allergies or if you just want to try a lighter ice cream especially in these heat waves we've been having lately.

Happy Friday!

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