Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nude & Shimmer Manicure

Yesterday I gave you a peek into my latest spring/summer makeup bag must-haves.  Today, I give you the why.  This sheswai laquer is just so pretty, no really that's the shade's name.

Back in our freshly post-collegiate days my gal Maggie & I decided that the best way to look literally "polished" on our merely shoe string budgets was with a DIY nude manicure for a couple reasons. (1) Nude shades are really timeless & (2) they're the most forgiving either when you smudge them brushing them on or chip them later, the mistakes are just a little less noticeable.  I still live by this rule today.

If you're feeling adventurous, brush on a couple coats of this shimmery lacquer on top of your nude base.  I think it's fun to pick just one finger to jazz up but you could really go all out & do all ten.


  1. And I too am still living by this rule! Love it:)

    And looking forward to trying the Sheswai!

  2. Can I buy it in a store...or just online?

    1. online or at anthropologie stores :)