Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My No-Sew D.I.Y. Ugly Christmas Sweater

Today we have our holiday party at work. Like last year we’ll be doing a white elephant gift exchange which is always good for a few (or many) laughs. This year there will be some additional laughing because we’ve added an ugly Christmas sweater element into the mix. 

As a gal with a jam packed closet I struggled with the idea of purchasing an ugly holiday sweater that I would most likely only wear once a year. Sweaters take up prime closet real estate & that’s just something I wasn’t ready to support. So I opted to make my own “temporary” ugly Christmas sweater. I picked up an inexpensive ($9.99) grey sweatshirt at Marshalls & dug through my holiday decor box & in a few minutes I had a no-sew ugly Christmas sweater that can be dismantled & turned back into a comfy grey sweatshirt when the day is done.

Here’s what you’ll need:
  • 1 sweatshirt or sweater
  • 10-20 saftey pins
  • 1 christmas stocking
Make it!
  1. Lay your sweater/sweatshirt out on a flat clean surface.
  2. Lay the stocking on top of the sweater & position how you’d like it to look. I opted for mine to lay on a slight slant.
  3. Next, open up a safety pin. Holding the stocking in place pin it in place through the inside of the sweatshirt so that the pin is barely visible. Continue pinning until your stocking is secure.
  4. Wear with a holiday spirit & take the pins out when you’re finished to bring the sweatshirt back to normal!


  1. Plus you can fill your stocking with all of your white elephant gifts to carry home! :)

  2. No-bake cookies, no-sew sweater - I love them all! The less to do the better! :) Especially during the holidays!

    1. julia, what's your fave no-bake cookie recipe - i'd love to know!

  3. I still can't believe you wore this to lunch in public that day. haha.