Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Better Home Cooking Basics: #47 Start with Cold Water When Using it to Boil.

First, & foremost THANK YOU to all those who have kept our country safe & continue to do so today on Veteran's Day & every day. We're so blessed to live in the country we do especially in a world where freedom seems like such a luxury.

Today's tip is super basic. Start with cold water when boiling it. Yes, I know it seems like warm or hot water from the tap might actually cut down on the the time it takes that water to boil (which feels like forever sometimes). There's actually a good reason for it. When you use warm or hot water there's sometimes sediment & other stuff in your pipes that you'll be adding to the water that you're using to cook with. So eliminate other elements with cold water & bring it up to a boil from there.

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