Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Better Home Cooking Basics: #46 Use Baking Ingredients at Room Temperature for the Best Results.

Temperatures are dropping &  that only means one thing - more baking to heat up the house of course.

My mom always said to use ingredients like eggs & butter for baking at room temperature. I've seen it written in cookbooks & heard foodies on tv repeat it too. But why? What difference does it make? I'm sure my mom told me but I really did not remember (punky kid).  I looked it up. It makes a big difference. If all your ingredients are at room temperature they'll bond together better & in turn trap air so then when it bakes the air inside expands resulting in light, airy baked goods! Knowing this now I will do my best to bring all my baking ingredients to room temperature because hey I like light & fluffy baked yummies. (This goes for pancakes too guys!)

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