Monday, February 10, 2014

Cute Market Totes

cute market totes
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I am THAT girl at the super market. I bring all my reusable bags that I’ve been hoarding collecting mostly from recent shopping trips to Shobha (where I work) or Sephora. I pack & store them inside one another like Russian dolls. Then I pop them in the car & bring them with me to the super market. Chris wasn’t initially on board with this extra step, eco-friendly idea but once he learned we could save 5 cents per bag used at check out at our local Shop Rite I didn’t have to convince him any further. It was win win. I get to use my bags & do my part to save the environment & Chris (& I) love to save money when we can.

My girlfriend, Amanda, opened my eyes to these market bags at West Elm & inspired me to look for what else was out there for eco-friendly & chic shopping. This is what I found (click the number corresponding numbers in the caption for more details on where you can get them).

What do you use for your grocery store or farmers market shopping?

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