Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dress to Impress (& Eat) on Turkey Day

how-to dress to impress and eat too on thanksgiving day. winter holiday outfits.
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We all want to dress to impress especially around the holidays. But I think we can all agree that we need to dress to eat, too! Some bad news, friends, if your sweats have pockets in them - that does not make them dressy - leave them at home.  Good news, there are dresses that will give your sweats a run for their money in comfort, earn you a compliment (or ten) & leave room for seconds.

Here are some of my tips for holiday dressing:
  1. Pretty patterns are your friend:  If you are prone to wearing your dinner no matter how hard you try to get it in your mouth opt for patterns - they hide stains better.
  2. Classic shifts & color blocking are chic & comfy: If your eyes are bigger than your stomach, opt for soft fabrics with either elastic waist bands or go uber chic with a shift (read: loose around the waist!) If you can find something with slimming color blocking like dress #2 - you'll have your fellow party-goers confused when you reach for seconds while maintaining your slim silhouette.
  3. Consider the temperature where you're going: Is it always hot at Grandma's even if it's 30 degrees out? Then that sleeveless #3 is suddenly not a crazy idea but a good one.  If it's traditionally as chilly inside as it is outside opt for a sweater dress like #2 or another long-sleeved option like #1.
What are you wearing for the holidays?

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