Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Better Home Cooking Basics: #5 Use Fresh (Not Jarred) Garlic

Better Home Cooking Basics: No. 5 Use Fresh  (Not Jarred) Garlic

Have you ever seen garlic in a jar? I honestly didn't until post-college. I saw it popping up in my super market & in the fridges of people I knew. So I jumped on the band wagon & tried it. For the longest time jarred garlic is what I used to cook with until it wasn't. One day I didn't have jarred garlic so I resorted to the good old fashioned head of garlic I had sitting on the counter. Albeit it wasn't pre-diced & it took a minute or two to peel & chop but the taste was like nothing jarred garlic could deliver.  Sure the jarred stuff smells delicious & the aromatics will fill the room but the taste just isn't there for me. As a garlic lover the taste needs to be there.  Do we have a jar of garlic in our fridge - sure we do. Do we use it? Nope.

The moral of this tip is fresh is best - if you can & it's available leave the jarred stuff on the shelf & grab a the head of garlic when you're cooking.

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