Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Better Home Cooking Basics: #4 Take Time to Prep Your Ingredients

Better Home Cooking Basics 4 Take Time to Prep Your Ingredients

The French (& the culinary world) refer to my 4th tip as mise en place which translates to "putting in place." When you first read a recipe or even when you're making something from memory take the time to prep all your ingredients ahead of time. Pretend you're on a cooking show or taking photos for a blog (whatever gets your through) & you need all of your ingredients ready to use before you even turn the stove on.

Chop your veggies. Measure out flour. Zest & juice your citrus. Crack your eggs.

I like to separate mine into small ramekins to organize them. Even if I'm creating an herb mixture I like to add them in a small bowl first & then to add them to what I'm cooking. This also serves as a good checks & balance system especially when following a new recipe then you can cross check to see if you're missing anything.

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PS: Happy Birthday to my Dad! I love you!

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