Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Two Bite Party Pretzels

I did it again. I made the pretzels! This time instead of looping the dough into pretzel shapes I cut them into 2 inch bite sized (ok maybe two bite) nuggets. Even easier! Being that this was my second time at the rodeo I baked them a bit longer & am pretty pleased with the almost-Williams-Sonoma-worthy-color I achieved.

Follow the same recipe as I did here & cut your pretzels into the perfect party snack. I'm bringing these babies with me to wine club tonight but if you wanted to make them for your next family gathering especially with little ones around I think they would be a huge hit. I'm going to pick up some dipping sauces too. I'm thinking a zesty coarse grained mustard & maybe a pesto. What's your vote?


  1. Pretzels have been on my to-make list FOREVER. I really need to do this. Mustard is definitely more traditional, but I love the idea of pesto!

    1. yeah it was a good alternative for my girl friend who doesn't like mustard! she was pleasantly surprised to have the pesto option!
      keep me posted when you make them.
      thanks for reading ;)