Friday, December 7, 2012

A "Bon Bon" Gift Idea

bon bons by serena. gift idea.
This year I've been trying my hand at some homemade gifts.  I hope I have enough time for all that I've mentally put on my list (eeek!).

If you anticipated whipping up batches of baked goods for your friends & family but you have run out of time I have a "bon bon" (read: good good) idea for you: Bon Bons by Serena.

Ok, so your name is probably not Serena & these bon bons are not made in your home or my home, but they are homemade.

Serena stuffs classic short bread cookies with surprising fillings like maraschino cherries, dried apricots, chocolate (mmm chocolate) & lots of other tasty treats by hand. She then hand dips said cookies in homemade icings.  Yes, handmade, small batches of her grandma Jean Sabella's original bon bon recipe. They are bite-sized perfection.

To top it all off, Serena boxes these  "couture confections" in hand stamped boxes (can you feel the love people!!!).

With price points starting at $11.50 its the perfect gift for any secret santa on your list.  Head to Bon Bons by Serena & get your gift on with gifts like the holiday matriarch or a sweet box of brown sugar kisses!!!!

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