Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sassy Sipping

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Recently inspired by a photo my gal pal Amanda posted on facebook of her little girl having a tea party with her baby brother, I thought it would be fun to dream one up for myself. Of course at my tea party there would be coffee as well as tea (both hot & iced).

I really think I need these latte bowls in my life - they are just so cute & I'm in love with the idea of wrapping my hands around a little bowl of a frothy latte.  Then for the really hot days I would need these coffee bean shaped ice cube molds for  my iced coffee cubes (to drink with these pretty straws of course!).   And who doesn't love honey in a little pot like winnie the pooh or this teapot set that  reminds me of my cousins.  Naturally there would have to be a cute outfit based on this cute apron two of my best friends gifted me for my bridal shower that I wear in real life not just in my tea party dreams.

What will you have? Coffee? Tea? Me?

P do S: Happy Wedding Anniversary to my parents & Mr. & Mrs Watson!

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