Friday, June 15, 2012

Art Director Jacket

jacket (Anthropologie); tank & pants (H&M); gold bobby pins (H&M);  necklace (Anthology in Hoboken!), shoes (Jessica Simpson).

I call this silk jacket my "art director" jacket. It makes me feel like I should be making something out of clay while whirling my arms about to describe the process. Well I am an art director  (here & of this blog!) so if the shoe fits... buy two pair, right? 

In the vein of art direction I was just playing around with some Photoshop pizzazz to jazz these photos up with some fun lens flares (aka those fun sun spots you see!).  (Please note: the brightness in the photos was compliments of the morning sunshine in Hoboken on our terrace.)  *Sparkle fingers* YAY!*

Happy Friday & Happy (early) Father's Day to my dad, my father-in-law John,  my two super grandfathers & all the awesome fathers in my world!!! Love you all!

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