Thursday, May 3, 2012

Quick Quinoa Salad

I'm semi-obsessed with the food network show Five Ingredient Fix and quinoa (keen-wah).  When I saw this recipe in action on the show I knew I had to make it immediately.  My favorite part is that you can make it with just five ingredients: quinoa, cucumber, cilantro, pine nuts* & lemon infused olive oil.

Make it yourself here!

tip 1: Quinoa is a super grain because it's not really a grain it's actually a seed [read: same texture as say a couscous - rice hybrid but it's packed with protein - win!!!]

tip 2: If you have chicken or veggie stock you can cook the quinoa in that rather than water - I know that makes 6 ingredients but I think it's worth it!

*I didn't have pine nuts so I used some raw cashews I had in the freezer (yes that's where you can store them so they don't go bad!).  I rough chopped them and toasted them up just the same.


  1. This looks delicious, and the photo is gorgeous! I think I'll try it with the cashews, too.

    1. you definitely should. it's really tastey and surprisingly filling ;) enjoy! thanks for reading!

  2. I'm so going to try this!