Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fresh Pasta With No Cook Sauce

Chris & I made the rounds visiting some of our family for Memorial Day Weekend. On Monday, we hung around home base & visited with my aunt, cousins, sister and friends. My generous aunts gifted me my Kitchen Aid Mixer for my bridal shower - I'm not sure how I got on with cooking, baking or life with out it.  To top it off my Aunt Theresa (one of our guests of honor) gifted me the amazing pasta attachment so I felt it was necessary to whip some fresh pasta up in her honor.

I opted for this no cook sauce that I saw the Barefoot Contessa make (as I jogged along on the treadmill, drooling all the while. A complete mind/body work out if you ask me).  It takes minutes to prep but tastes better with time so plan ahead & make it in the morning.  Then just add pasta & tons of Parmesan cheese for dinner.

As always I think you can amp up the garlic & cheese for this dish (& any for the matter).  Just remember that as soon as you drain your pasta, add the sauce right away so that it doesn't get super stuck together.  Don't be shy to add some olive oil if need be.

I'll be making this again soon especially since my husband categorized it as "unfair good" - so he really liked it!

Oh & one more thing, if you're banking on left overs you should just go ahead & triple the recipe - it's that good.

Click through for some fresh photos!


  1. The boyfriend and I do something similar - nothing beats fresh summer tomatoes!

    Your food photography is lovely, btw.

    1. thanks E! what do you make with yours? would love to know! xx

  2. Sounds amazing! Can't wait to try it!