Friday, April 6, 2012

A Twin Pedicure Date

I know I'm usually making something but sometimes the thing I need to make most is time for the people in my life. This past weekend I made a date with my twin to get a luxury pedicure at the Great Jones Spa in NoHo. Taking advantage of a great Google Offer we had scored earlier in the week we were able to indulge our toes in a coconut pedicure. I haven't been able to rave about a pedicure since Amanda's bachelorette years ago but this one gave it a run for its money.

The lovely ladies, Katrina and Mira, that performed our pedicures clipped and scrubbed our feet per usual pedicure standards followed by the three part coconut process.

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First, Mira added some coconut milk to the bath my feet were soaking in. Second, she scrubbed my feet and calves with a coconut sugar scrub until the sugar literally melted into my skin. Then came the butter. That's right B U T T E R. Coconut butter to be exact. She painted on this creamy concoction and then wrapped my feet in plastic to seal it in.  Then my favorite part by far was when she wrapped my feet with a hot towel and then swaddled them with another! It was uber relaxing on a particular cold rainy day.

Polish was the last step. I chose a deep blue hue and Jennifer chose a bright cheery pink. 

What color are you wearing on your toes this season?


  1. Aw how nice you had a twin date!! I need to do that soon with my twin :-) We don't do that enough.

    1. it's true. we work together (my twin and i) so we see each other a lot but it's nice to just do stuff outside of work :)