Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bold Brows + Red Hot Lips

1. bronzer; 2. mineral foundation; 3. lip stain; 4. gel eyeliner;  5. mascara;
6. brow pencil; 7. eyeshadow base; 8. tinted moisturizer.

I can't help but have brows on the brain.  I work along side nyc's hair removal experts daily.  Known for our top brow shaping salons, Shobha is the only place that has touched my brows since 2004!

You can't go wrong with bold brows.  Brows really shape your face and draw attention to your eyes.  I like when my husband looks at my eyes. On our very first date I remember telling him it's here (pointing to my eyes) not here (pointing to my other "assets").

To make sure the attention is on the appropriate (ahem) assets I like to emphasize my eyes with a simple cat eye, bold brows and a red hot lip. (Try Tarte's Lip Surgence in "moody" - it's surprisingly red and wearable even in the daytime.)

Check out my tips on how to make your assets stand out after the jump.

I use the Shobha Brow Pencil in Earth for Brunettes + my trusty Shobha Brow Brush.
For more tips on faking a great bold brow check out what the pros have to say here!


  1. Great tips, enjoying the new blog! Nothing says night out like bold brows and a hot lip. I tend not to play up my brows on the average work day, perhaps I'm not bold enough!

    check out my new blog full of travel, fashion, and other goodies to come!

    1. Lizzi! Thanks so much for your comment.
      I just checked out your blog - super cute. i'll definitely check it out more often! If you're hesitant to go super bold for the day time try the shobha brow pencil in sand it's not just for blondes. i use it on days where i'm not feeling super bold - it gives you a je ne sais quoi polished look!