Tuesday, April 24, 2012

An Alternative Bridesmaid Dress Plan

Deciding on the colors for the color palette was only the tip of the planning for our wedding.  Now to decide which color to use for what was the next step.  Immediately I wanted to decided on what color my beautiful bridesmaids would wear. I didn't have to think twice on this one - the tiffany's blue was for them.  

Luckily, turquoise is a universally flattering color on everyone.  LIke most bridesmaids my gals came in different shapes and sizes (in my crew we had the tiny and tinier and then the leggy and leggier - no not bad problems to have at all). Wanting to stray from traditional bridesmaid dresses I thought it would be fun for my gals to pick out their own dresses.  Knowing they would never agree on the same dress  I asked them all to pick their own dress in a shade of turquoise. 

Here's how to take the alternative bridesmaid dress plan:
Take a trip to the hardware store
Choose a strip form the paint swatches that best suits the color you're looking for.
Snag enough swatches for the girls (you can cut some in half if you don't want to be greedy!)
Distribute the swatches to your gals and they can take them shopping with them when they go hunting for their perfect dress!

Check in tomorrow to see what my girls chose!

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