Monday, March 19, 2012

You've Got Mail, Only Cuter

bubble mailers by Scotch from Target
I do not know the fate of the United States Postal Service but I do know that getting mail is still pretty awesome, so why not make it cuter.

It's the thought that counts so think cuter.  You don't even have to be super crafty (thanks to Scotch) all you really have to do add your address, et voila - you've made an instantly cuter package!

Now, don't you think hot pink polka dots would make your trip to the mailbox totally more exciting?  I think so. 

tip #1: sending things via padded mailer + USPS is a pretty economical way to send something. [read: cheaper]
tip #2: use a ball point pen if you're writing directly on these, I used a sharpie and it smeared (#fail!)