Friday, March 16, 2012

A Pot of Gold

a creamy golden froth at the top of your espresso is a tell-tale sign of a good one!
Rituals are all that and more.  Each morning I have a cup or two of coffee.  As of late, I've been trying to savor the moment (plus save a buck or four) by making my own espressos and lattes.  My barista skills have stood the test of time and I proudly say that I still make a mean latte.  Some mornings I run out of time to wash my hair or iron that shirt but I still need my caffeine fix [insert shot of espresso here].  Thank GOD for espresso or rather, thank you Italian  (...errr Irish - isn't everyone Irish on St. Patrick's day?) forefathers for espresso or as think of it - a little pot of gold.

Happy St. Paddy's* Day!  Hope you find yourself a little pot of gold!

*apparently it's Paddy not Patty. True story - courtesy of Rose & her ginger  :)


  1. And Frothing skills too! Who knew?!

  2. come on over to the other side of the river and i'll make you one :) xx