Thursday, March 29, 2012

Grilled Baby Spring Veggies

grilled veggies

Sometimes I buy things solely on the packaging - I'll always be a graphic designer and shopaholic at heart -  it's just natural (for me). I've come to the conclusion that mother nature is the best packaging designer I know.  Take these baby zucchinis for instance.  They pack a vibrant green punch in the cutest compact mini packaging! I had to have them as soon as I saw them.  In the same supermarket sweep I found these mini heirloom tomatoes.  Color. Cuteness. Sweetness. Done. Done. And. Done.  They all came home with me.

The best thing about these fresh spring veggies is they are in season and super tastey on their own.  I skewered them and grilled them naked (as in no salt, no pepper, no oil).  These are great served on their own or tossed with some greens.  They're so tender you don't even need a knife.

tip: When grilling veggies on skewers put like veggies on the same skewers as they have the same cooking time that way you're not over or under cooking any of them.

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