Friday, March 23, 2012

Fast Waves

get fast waves with these 3 products: 1. cortex curling iron, 2. nym beach babe texturizing sea salt spray, 3. nym she's a tease volumizing hairspray
I love hair products, tools, clips, you name it - love it all. I actually enjoy doing my hair - some days - those are the good hair days (obvi).  Lately, I've been donning loose waves.  I actually can get them done in a matter of minutes now, all thanks to one of the best christmas gifts ever - my clipless curling iron.  I was luckily gifted one with four different sized barrel attachments (from my awesome mother-in-law, thanks Mary!) and I use it close to every day.  The clipless-ness of it actually makes all the difference in the world.  It leaves your hair with perfect waves and no weird spazy-kinky end pieces that traditional clamp curling irons leave behind.  I now understand what my sister has been talking about (she got her's almost two years ago) and why celebrities always have those great waves.

Get this look in a handful of steps after the jump!

Here's how you can get the look:
  1. Curl small sections of hair with the 1" barrel attachment for your curling iron.
  2. Wrap the hair around the barrel while holding the wand vertically (on my left side I wrap down and on my right side I wrap up - it's just what naturally works for me - so see what works for you).
  3. Spray hair with a texturizing sea salt spray and comb through your hair with your fingers.
  4. I like to gather my hair into a low ponytail and with a brush, brush the very ends of my hair to soften them - making them look more Lauren Conrad and less Pollyanna.
  5. Finish by misting hair spray all over.

tip #1: You don't have to break the bank or wait for someone to gift you a clipless curling iron you can make the curling iron that you already have clipless at home!

tip #2: most important tip - USE THE GLOVE that the clipless curling iron comes with or buy one if your DIYing your own iron.  you may want to wear a long sleeve shirt too, you thank yourself later when you are burn-mark free. I learned the hard way.

tip #3: Next day waves make for a great dirty twist hair.


  1. you always make good waves! which size do you prefer out of the diameters?
    -jenn (

  2. i honestly use them all. if i want the wave to last longer i use the smaller barrels for a tighter curl that will loosen up over the day.